Spicer Premium Performance U-Joint Packs

SPL—the Sign of Quality and Performance.

Spicer 4WD U-joint Performance Packs have everything you need for a complete U-joint change-out with just one part number to order. Whatever your application, SPL has a U-joint kit that meets your needs. Make sure you’re getting Spicer Life Series Premium Performance Products—look for the blue SPL sticker where you purchase parts.

Spicer Parts are there when you hit the trail— and when the trail hits back.

No matter what conditions you throw at your 4WD vehicle, trust non-greaseable Spicer SPL U-joints with the triple-lip seal for top performance. Life Cycle Testing from Spicer Parts ensures that SPL U-joints will outperform all competitors. You’ll get longer life and greater bearing capacity with reduced maintenance costs from SPL’s improved line of U-joints.

To measure and identify u-joints by series, click here.