Heavy Duty U Joints for the Commercial Vehicles You Count On

Spicer Truck Universal Joints are Engineered to Ensure Peak Performance

Genuine Spicer heavy duty u-joints are engineered to ensure peak performance in the truck that you count on for your livelihood. Why trust your commercial vehicle to any less than genuine Spicer truck u-joints?

Premium Spicer Life Series® U-joints

No other universal joints are better equipped to meet the needs of today’s high efficiency trucks. Genuine Spicer Life Series u-joints are designed to withstand the increased stress that high efficiency truck configurations place on the driveline, and are equipped with High Power Density™ (HPD™) features that extend product life and outperform the competition.

Our latest generation Spicer Life Series u-joints include a new bearing design with 40% more capacity than our previous versions. Our multi-lip seals are constructed with Viton® material for maximum resistance to a wide range of conditions found in the truck environment.

Spicer 10 Series™ U-joints

In these heavy duty universal joints, journal crosses are cold-formed from high-quality steel that is heat treated for maximum strength. The bearing cups are extruded, carburized and case hardened to a uniform depth for strength and durability. All attachment points are precision formed to insure precise lock-up tolerances and yoke ear fit.

Not only are Spicer U-joints stronger than other aftermarket auto parts manufacturers--they are consistently stronger. Spicer 10 Series U-joints outperform all others in competitive testing – particularly when it comes to strength. You’ll get longer, stronger and more reliable performance in real-life conditions.

Most Popular Parts

Part Number Series   Part Number Series
5-676X 1810   5-423X 1610
5-281X 1810   5021106 1810
5-280X 1710   5-777X 1610
5-675X 1710   5-671X 1710
5-677X 1760   5021105 1710
5-407X 1760   5-643X 9C/92N  
5-279X 1610   5-642X 1880 X 9C
5-674X 1610   5-165X 1650
5-155X 1550   5-275X 1550
5-308X 1880   210659X 1880
5-746X 1710   5-543X 1550

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