Universal Joints

Spicer Universal Joints: Quality Driveshaft Replacement Parts

When you see the Spicer® name, you know you are buying the highest quality product available. Spicer® universal joints are no exception. Dana manufactures a full line of Spicer universal joints that are engineered to ensure longer life for vehicles in a wide variety of applications, from light vehicle to commercial and off-highway. As with any genuine Spicer part, the superior quality of our driveshaft universal joint means you get longer life and less downtime. Complete interchangeability with existing parts provides total product compatibility with no change in part numbers.

Not all u-joints are created equal. Non-genuine replacement parts are not typically or consistently manufactured to the same standards as genuine Spicer OE parts. Our proprietary techniques result in superior universal joints. That is why Spicer is the #1 preferred brand; in an independent blind survey, 80% of fleets and end users named Spicer parts as their first choice for driveshaft components.

Proprietary Techniques Result in a Superior Driveshaft Universal Joint

There really is a difference. Check out our Comparative Testing Data page to see for yourself!


Light Vehicle

From passenger cars to light trucks, people trust genuine Spicer® driveshaft components for light-duty automotive applications. That is because Spicer parts are manufactured to the exact standards and specifications as original equipment parts. Get the name you trust for the vehicle you rely on.

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When your commercial vehicle is down, business comes to a stop. That is why it makes sense to put your trust in the most proven name in driveshaft components. Genuine Spicer® parts are manufactured to the same specifications as the parts that were originally installed in your vehicle, so you can keep business rolling along.

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You expect a lot from your off-highway vehicle. Genuine Spicer® driveshaft components are up to the challenge. When you purchase genuine Spicer parts, you are getting the same level of quality as original equipment parts. That means you are getting parts that are as rugged as your work demands.

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