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A Quick Repair Solution for Off-Road or Racing.

On the track or off-road, make sure your axle stays lubricated and protected with the Spicer® axle vent bladder kit. Avoid the potential for contamination entering your axle, and ensure that your gear oil recycles back into your axle instead of blowing out into the environment. Don’t get stuck in the mud. Count on the new vent bladder to get you through.

Keep Lubrication in Your Axle—and Contaminants Out.

Spicer axle vent bladder kits protect your axle and the environment whether you are off-road or on the track. As oil and vapor expand in your carrier, the axle vent bladder captures any oil blow-out and returns it to the axle.

Engineered for a universal fit to deliver optimal protection on any vehicle.

The Spicer axle vent bladder kit offers two distinct benefits, helping you stay safe on the track and protect the investment you've made in your vehicle.

  • Recirculates oil back to your axle
    • Helps avoid the pressurization that can damage seals
    • Returns oil to the axle, keeping it from blowing out onto the track or natural environment
    • Required in some racing series due to safety regulations
  • Protects your axle from water and mud off-road
    • Helps you avoid costly repairs to internal axle components caused by contaminants entering the axle
    • Extends the life of your axle

Check out this and other great repair options designed to unleash the performance in your vehicle. Download the information on the right, browse our line of performance parts, or locate a Spicer parts dealer near you to get started.