Spicer Life Series™ Ultra-Premium Synthetic Grease

You count on genuine Spicer Life Series® u-joints for unparalleled performance. Do not skimp on the grease that keeps everything running smoothly!

Spicer Life Series™ ultra-premium synthetic grease is the only synthetic lubricant that meets the precise standards that have made Spicer the name people everywhere trust. Trust Spicer Life Series to deliver excellent load-carrying ability, wear resistance, and protection against corrosion in your automotive, commercial, off-highway, and high-performance applications.

Compatible with all NLGI-2 greases, Spicer Life Series ultra-premium synthetic grease delivers professional-grade quality, even at high temperatures. And because it is made from high-tech calcium sulfonate, it is easier on the environment.

Spicer Life Series ultra-premium synthetic grease is available in 10-packs of 14-oz. tubes (SPL 1051) or 1-gal. tubs (SPL 1052). Click on the icon on the left to download more information about Spicer Life Series ultra-premium synthetic grease.