Truck Driveshaft Parts

Heavy Duty Truck Driveshaft Parts.

Genuine Spicer® medium and heavy duty driveshaft products are manufactured to the same high standards as Original Equipment (OE) parts because they are OE parts. That means when a driveshaft part is replaced with a genuine Spicer product, it is being replaced with the original equipment product, ensuring the same performance and reliability you have come to expect.

Spicer offers driveshaft assemblies that are ideal for medium and heavy duty applications, including the Spicer® Diamond™ Series, the Spicer® Compact™ Series and the Spicer Life Series® driveshafts. In addition, Spicer offers universal joints engineered for commercial vehicle applications. Choose from Premium Spicer Life Series and Spicer 10 Series U-joints, both of which extend the life of your truck driveline and the vehicle that you depend on.

Commercial Vehicle Driveshaft Replacement

Today’s commercial vehicles are specified with Spicer driveshafts. That is because Spicer medium and heavy duty truck driveshafts offer the most advanced driveshaft technology for lighter weight, lower cost, longer life products with vibration control. All the optimum performance requirements demanded by vehicle owners are found in the commercial vehicle driveshaft replacement parts sold under the Spicer brand, the most trusted name in truck driveshaft parts.

From driveshaft assemblies to universal joints to genuine Spicer XC center bearings, Spicer parts are engineered to ensure that you get the most out of your heavy duty driveline. Browse the menu on the left, and you will find the essential heavy duty driveline components that deliver peak performance for your commercial vehicle.