Driveshaft Assemblies

Spicer Off-Highway brings together the world’s most powerful driveshaft-related innovations and the most extensive product offering, for everything from the smallest machines to the largest wheel loaders and mine haulers. With standard torque capacities ranging from 400 Nm to 1,750,000 Nm—and lubrication packages ranging from extended to permanently lubricated—Spicer has a driveshaft to fit your needs.

Our driveshafts are ideal for the rigorous demands of most mobile off-highway and industrial applications.

Driveshaft Product Lines

  • Spicer 10 Series™: An industry standard for more than 50 years and ideal for the rigorous demandsof most mobile off-highway applications, the Spicer 10
    Series offers driveshafts with torque capacities up to 15,700 Nm. Larger capacities previously available in this series are now offered by Spicer Life Series® driveshafts.
  • Spicer Life Series®: Offering features such as longer life, reduced maintenance and Quick Disconnect™ end yokes. Torque capacities range from 5,500 Nm to over 25,000 Nm.
  • Spicer Compact 2000™: From the industry standard in Europe to the commercial vehicle market, the Spicer Compact Series offers a wide variety of end-fittings, from SAE to DIN and cross-serrated, allowing Spicer driveshafts to attach to nearly any axle or transmission. Torque capacities range from 2,400 to 35,000 Nm.
  • Spicer Wing™ Series: designed for longer life, minimal maintenance and lower operating cost—the most comprehensive range of wing-style driveshafts today. Torque capacities range from 1,500 to more than 120,000 Nm and lubrication packages range from extended to permanently lubricated.