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Better Performance for Off-Highway Applications.

C330 Torque Converter
C330 Model

Hard-working engines—like those used for mining, forestry, construction or material handling—need torque converters designed to match their high stall speed transmissions. That’s why it pays to run a Spicer torque converter. When teamed up with Spicer Powershift Transmissions, Spicer torque converters deliver optimal operating efficiency for virtually any off-highway application.

Get optimal efficiency for your hard-working engine with genuine Spicer torque converters.

C5000 Torque Converter
C5000 Model

Service Parts for Mining, Forestry, Construction, and Other Off-Highway Vehicles.

Spicer torque converters bring OE-quality to your off-highway vehicle repairs. Take advantage of the many features and benefits these service parts have to offer, including:

  • 36 torque converter wheel configurations
  • At least 3 pump drives—1 for charging, 2 for mounting accessories
  • Wide variety of stall ratios make it perfect most engines
  • Designed specifically for high stall speed transmissions
  • Optimized cast blading for high efficiencies
C8000 Torque Converter
C8000 Model


  • C270
  • C320
  • C330
  • C5000
  • C8000
  • C9000
  • C1600

Get better performance in your off-highway vehicles. Learn more by locating a Spicer Off-Highway Service Center near you.