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The Process

  1. Review and understand the program details.
  2. Enter all necessary information into this web form.
  3. Once your Ratio Flex request is completed and submitted, you will receive a quote form Dana via email.
  4. Call Dana customer service at 877.777.5360 (option 1) to place your Ratio Flex order.
  5. When you receive your Ratio Flex carrier(s), complete the swap-out on truck(s) and return the original carriers per RGA instructions (see RGA for details).
  6. You will receive an invoice detailing carrier(s) cost(s) and Ratio Flex admin fees.
  7. You pay ONLY* the admin fee (*provided original carrier were returned to Dana). See RGA details regarding costs and return policies and details to avoid additional charges.
  8. Dana credits carrier cost(s) on original invoice once the original carriers are received back at Dana.