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The Difference Is Unleashed.

From the punishing speeds of the circle track to the brutal terrain of off-road, Dana understands what it means to push the boundaries. Spicer drivetrain components are trusted by the experts, wherever limits are tested and parts are proven.

We engineer our parts to deliver peak performance and optimum strength, so you can hit the road, the track, or the trail with the confidence that comes from knowing you are backed by the industry leaders in high-performance parts. Spicer parts are manufactured to the highest standards of premium performance and the quality you expect from Dana.


Strength. Power. Endurance. Unleashed.

Dana manufactures a wide array of high-performance parts under the legendary Spicer brand, and each part is engineered to give you the competitive advantage wherever your vehicle takes you. From performance spools and axle vent bladders to shocks and axle shafts, Spicer parts deliver when it matters the most. In addition, we offer a range of easy repair options that get you back in action quickly and easily. Check out our axle lock sensors and performance gaskets and you’ll see what we mean.

We manufacture the parts you need to get the most out of your off-road and racing experience, from easy repairs in the field to seriously upgraded axles.

Our Ultimate Dana 60™ and Ultimate Dana 44™ axles feature the modifications that Jeep® Wrangler® JK enthusiasts have been making for years. Dana makes these upgrades available to you right out of the box, with the features you demand and the quality you expect. From durable chromoly axle shafts and nodular iron diff covers to massive Spicer SPL® 70 u-joints and Spicer® 10" ring and pinion gearing, these axle help you take on even tough terrain.   

And that's just the beginning of the many ways that Spicer performance parts are giving hardcore drivers the edge on the track or on the trail. Check out our full line of high-performance Spicer drivetrain parts, and find a dealer near below.