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Maximum Mobility on Any Terrain.

With the press of a button from inside the cab, Spicer® CTIS™ technology maximizes vehicle mobility by adjusting tire pressure to the optimum footprint on any terrain. Whether in the field or at a construction site, Spicer CTIS technology promotes confidence whether driving at highway speeds on paved surfaces, unpaved surfaces, or off-road. CTIS systems provide:

  • Enhanced tire preservation
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Reduced overall operating cost

Additionally, Central Tire Inflation Systems reduce downtimes associated with tire malfunctions, such as minor punctures, leaks, or immobilization in muddy terrain.

CTIS on Roads
Extra traction for steep grades.

Control Tire Inflation Off-Highway with CTIS Technology.

Flexibility was a key factor in designing the Spicer® Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS). Its various setting options enable users to adjust tire pressure to the optimum level based on vehicle load, terrain type, and application. CTIS technology also makes it possible to free a stuck vehicle or take on grades and other extreme conditions that previously required assistance, as CTIS technology allows vehicles to function with extremely low tire pressures. Convenient push-button operation allows for optimum pressure selection, and integrated diagnostics alert drivers of potential tire problems and system status.

CTIS technology is used by the military to keep soldiers safe, helping them escape threats and navigate difficult terrain.

In military applications vehicles, this innovative system enables a vehicle to escape threats, bringing soldiers to safety in the most strenuous environments. It is one more way that Spicer products help serve the brave men and women who keep us safe.

CTIS in Fields
Even greater traction through the mud.

Watch CTIS Technology in Action.

Discover how CTIS technology helps deliver results for agricultural vehicles and other off-highway applications. The video below shows how you can achieve maximum mobility with an optimum footprint on any terrain.

For more information about the features and benefits of CTIS technology, download the brochure above. And to start putting CTIS to work for your vehicles, locate a Spicer parts distributor or Off-Highway Service Center today.