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Reduce Friction and Lower Torque in Your Commercial Vehicles.

Spicer Wheel Seals
Proven seal geometry keeps contaminants out.

Heat, dirt, and dust are the enemy. Fight back with Spicer® wheel seals. With genuine Spicer wheel seals, you can:

  • Reduce friction, lower torque, and promote cooler running temperatures in your vehicle 
  • Take advantage of proven seal geometry that keeps contaminants out
  • Cut down on labor costs by reducing the need for early brake replacements

Spicer wheel seals give you the protection you need, with the same quality you expect from original equipment parts.

Avoid dust, dirt, and heat with OE-quality parts.

Spicer wheel seals deliver the same quality you expect from original equipment parts. Easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain, Spicer wheel seals are compatible with mineral, synthetic, or semi-fluid grease, so you can reduce your inventory and avoid unnecessary seal replacements when you interchange lubricants.

Protect Your Vehicle with Spicer Wheel Seals.

Protect your commercial vehicles with genuine Spicer wheel seals. Download the information on the right, and locate a Spicer parts distributor in your area.