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Maintenance-Free Performance for Your Commercial Vehicles.

XC Center Bearing
Get better performance and optimal alignment with Spicer XC center bearings.

The new Spicer® XC™ center bearing provides optimal alignment within ±10 degrees, which translates into improved performance and durability.

The advanced technology elastomer material reduces noise and vibration, while the innovative design maintains the proper driveline angle to maximize driveshaft and component life.

This best-in-class center bearing assembly also includes a maintenance-free, double-lip sealed bearing that:

  • Reduces contamination
  • Eliminate the need for a dust shield
  • Provides longer life

Maintains the proper driveline angle to maximize driveshaft and component life.

Spicer XC Center Bearing AdvantageProtect the Parts That Keep Your Commercial Fleet on the Road.

Avoid noise and vibration with Spicer XC™ center bearings, which are designed to ensure a longer life for your vehicle. You'll enjoy improved performance with a center bearing that's lightweight and easy to install.

  • Improved Performance
    • Maintenance-free factory-sealed bearing and double-lip seal configuration decreases contamination and extends life
    • Innovative design allows for angle fluctuations of ±10 degrees
    • Advanced technology elastomer material decreases levels of noise and vibration
  • Weight Reduction
    • Approximately 1.3 pounds lighter than previous center bearings
  • Simplified Installation
    • Elimination of dust shields due to NEW sealed bearing technology
    • Eliminates the need for multi-hanger bracket and cross member configurations

Spicer® XC™ center bearings are approved for all on-highway and off-highway applications. Download the information on the right, then locate a Spicer parts distributor or an Off-Highway Service Center in your area.