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The Ultimate Lube for SPL U-Joints, Slip Yokes, and Slip Joints.

Spicer® ultra-premium synthetic grease that delivers peak performance for not only Spicer Life Series® parts but all driveline components. Trust Spicer Life Series® ultra-premium synthetic grease to offer significant advantages for all applications, including: 

  • Excellent load-carrying ability
  • Wear resistance
  • Protection against corrosion 

You’ve placed your trust in SPL u-joints, slip yokes, and slip joints. Don’t skimp on the lubrication that keeps everything running smoothly.

Genuine Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease is the only synthetic lubricant that meets the exacting standards that have made Spicer the name people trust. Compatible with all NLGI-2 greases, Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease delivers professional-grade quality.

  • Manufactured using high-tech calcium sulfonate
    • For superior performance and innate lubricity even at high temperatures 
  • Eliminates the need for performance additives containing sulfur, phosphorus or zinc
    • For a more environmentally friendly lubrication option
Bearing Life Comparison

Increase Bearing Life by More Than 30%.

Grease Packaging Options
Available in 10-packs of 14-oz. tubes or 1-gallon tubs.

Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease is available in 10-packs of 14-oz. tubes (SPL 1051) or 1-gallon tubs (SPL 1052). It’s part of a complete line of lubricants manufactured to meet the exact specifications of genuine Spicer products.

Learn more about Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease by downloading the information on the right. Then find dealers who offer Spicer lubricants near you.