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All-Climate Performance for Manual Transmissions.

Spicer® SAE 50 synthetic manual transmission lubricant is specially formulated for extended drain and severe service in heavy-duty manual transmissions that require a non-EP gear or transmission lubricant. It’s engineered to protect higher torque manual transmissions coupled with increased horsepower engines.

Longer Life for Your Transmission—More from Your Lubricant.

Formulated from a synthetic basestock, Spicer SAE 50 also contains an anti-wear additive, as well as rust, oxidation, and corrosion inhibitors.

Spicer® SAE 50 synthetic manual transmission lube provides superior all-climate, year-round performance.

SAE50 Product Group
Available in 1-gallon, 5-gallon, or 55-gallon containers.

Protect bearings, reduce component wear, and promote longer transmission and lubricant life with Spicer SAE 50.

  • High viscosity index, low pour point, and subzero fluid flow
  • Easier cold-weather shifting, less drag, and less gear wear
    • Vital transmission parts are lubricated quickly.
  • High stability when exposed to severe heat, oxidation, and shear conditions
    • For high-temperature lubrication and extened drain intervals
  • Superior all-season lubricating properties
    • For less friction and drag in the transmission 
    • Potential for greater fuel economy

Spicer SAE 50 synthetic manual transmission lubricant is available in 1-gallon jugs (SAE50-G), 5-gallon pails (SAE50-P), or 55-gallon drums (SAE50-D).

See the difference Spicer SAE 50 can make for your fleet today. Download the information on the right to learn about the characteristics and specifications, then locate the Spicer lubricants dealer near you today.