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Identifying Trends to Serve You Even Better

At Dana, we understand that when a vehicle is down, business grinds to a halt. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to get needed parts where they need to be sooner. We’ve already made tremendous strides toward that—with our core-free carrier program, the top 216 carrier part numbers are available for immediate shipment. That accounts for 94% of all truck-down sales. And depending on the trucks location and the carrier that it requires, our Hot Shot Delivery makes it possible to deliver the necessary carrier the same day. We’ve extended our emergency truck-down hours to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and we’ve developed an inventory exchange program that enables customers to exchange unused, sealed carriers for the carriers they need. We continue to strive to find ways to improve service to our customers.

At Dana, we're constantly looking for ways to improve customer service.

Our dedication to continuous improvement also extends to the support we offer our distributors. We’re leveraging “Big Data,” looking at customer’s trends, identifying gaps and providing our customers with ability to make informed decisions and drive increased sales in their markets.

We’re finding answers to the questions that will deliver greater outcomes for our customers. Which axles could we stock more of to speed our delivery process? How can we shorten the time from inquiry to first response? How can we make it even easier for customers to identify the exact parts they need? And what are the tools we can offer our customer base to ensure that we remain the leader in aftermarket service?

As we finalize our answers to these and other questions, we will continue to provide the exemplary service you have come to expect. Watch for more updates in upcoming Spicer newsletters!