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We’re not in the business of getting by, to be good enough. We are born innovators who make products that are purpose-built for the aftermarket with data, testing, and more than 100 years of expertise in delivering optimal performance.

That’s why we created Spicer® Select Drivetrain Products, for vehicles that may be aging but still have a job to do. Backed by Dana standards you trust to keep your customers satisfied.

Spicer® Select U-Joints and Center Bearings.

U-Joint, Center Bearing, Spicer Select Box

Dana-engineered to provide dependable performance.

Use the charts below to find the current manufacturer’s part number and corresponding Spicer® Select products Contact your Dana sales representative for more product availability information.

U-Joint Cross Reference Part Numbers

Spicer® Select™ Part # Series Meritor Neapco NewStar Spicer®
25-279X 1610 CP279X 4-0279 S-7435 5-279X
25-280X 1710 CP280X 5-0280 S-2627 5-280X
25-407X 1760 CP176N 6-0407 S-6099 5-407X
25-674X 1610 CP674X 4-0674 S-C472 5-674X
25-675X 1710 CP675X 6-0675 S-C473 5-675X
25-677X 1760 CP677X 6-0677 S-C475 5-677X

Center Bearing Cross Reference Part Numbers

Spicer® Select™ Part # Series F-M Neapco Meritor NewStar Spicer®
25-210084-2X 1610 HB88509A CN210084-2X CB210084-2X S-7935 210084-2X
25-210121-1X 1710 HB88510 CN210121-1X CB210121-1X S-1980 210121-1X
25-210661-1X 1810 HB88512AHD CN210661-1X CB210661-1X S-7926 210661-1X
25-210875-1X 1760 / 1810 HB88512ASHD CN210875-1X CB210875-1X S-B333 210875-1X

Spicer® Select Warranty Statement

Spicer Select Box

When it comes to repairing or maintaining your vehicles, you can rest assured knowing all Spicer® Select commercial vehicle aftermarket drivetrain products by Dana are engineered to meet the unique needs of the aftermarket and are backed by an 18-month or 100,000-mile warranty. We have gone the extra mile to ensure high quality and product performance. And our service is unmatched anywhere.

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