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Spicer Life Series® and Spicer 10® Series U-Joints: Tested and Proven.

Dana engineers subject Spicer parts to stringent testing, and that’s your assurance of quality that leaves the competitors in the dust. Nowhere is that more apparent than with our Spicer SPL universal joints.

We performed fatigue testing on Spicer Life Series and Spicer 10 Series u-joints and measured them against the competition. The results were astonishing.

Commercial Vehicle U-joints Outperform the Competition

Spicer 10® Series u-joints lasted twice as long as the nearest competitor. Spicer Life Series® u-joints’ performance was literally off the charts. After one million cycles, Spicer Life Series universal joints had still not failed.

Fatigue Testing 1810
Fatigue Testing
Commercial 10 Series
Spicer 10® Series
Commercial SPL
SPL® U-Joint


Light Vehicle U-joints Outperform the Competition

Spicer 1810 Series u-joints—not just better. 5x better than the competition in fatigue testing. Spicer Life Series® u-joints outperformed the competition in fatigue testing by more than 2.1!

1330 Series U-Joints
1310 Series U-Joints
Light Vehicle SPL
SPL® U-Joint
Light Vehicle 10 Series
Spicer 10® Series

Spicer® Ring and Pinion Gearing: Where Process Meets Performance.

Ring and Pinion GIFSpicer® is a Dana brand name—it's the brand name Dana uses for their axle and driveshaft products. Spicer® ring and pinion gearing is the genuine gearing in all Dana manufactured axles, and is manufactured with a special grade of steel, and machined and heat-treated to precision, so you can count on matched sets for optimal set-up and mating of the gears.

Like all Spicer® products, we put our ring and pinion gears to the test to see how they measure up against the competition. The result? Under high-load conditions, Spicer ring and pinion gears lasted an average of 121,080 cycles—nearly three times as many cycles as the closest competitor. And under low-load conditions, Spicer ring and pinion gears performed more than twice as many cycles as the competition!

Cycle Testing: Competitive Gears (Low Load)
Cycle Testing High Load


Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

  • Ensures optimal hardness in Spicer’s top quality steel
  • Creates dispersion throughout the part
  • Holds back-face runout to very tight tolerances


Face Hobbing
Face Hobbing

Face Hobbing

  • Cuts gearing to precision spacing between gear teeth
  • Ensures continuous indexing so teeth are constantly mated
  • Significantly reduces noise, vibration, and harshness


Shot Peening
Shot Peening

Shot Peening

  • Shoots controlled microbeads of steel at the root of the gear tooth, adding compressive residual stresses into the root of the tooth
  • Doubles the fatigue life of the gear




  • Removes tool cutter marks from tooth contact area
  • Reduces noise and heat
  • Produces a better contact pattern


Axles: Dana 44 vs. Dana 44 What's the Diff?

What's the Diff?Most aftermarket axle manufacturers  use the Dana name to describe the model/application/ ring gear size of their aftermarket axles, but the Dana Diamond is your guarantee of getting genuine quality, Dana-manufactured parts straight from the original source—DANA.

Quality engineering and materials, coupled with precision manufacturing and testing, make the difference.

For true Jeep® JK enthusiasts, Dana has engineered the Ultimate Dana 44™ and the Ultimate Dana 60™, both of which feature the upgrades Jeep owners demand.

Ultimate Dana 44The Ultimate Dana 44™ Axle

The direct bolt-in solution for serious Jeep® enthusiasts, the Ultimate Dana 44™ features a number of upgrades for added power off-road, as well as added strength wherever you take your vehicle. From the Spicer® nickel chromoly axle shafts to the performance diff cover to the 1350 SPL® u-joints, the Ultimate Dana 44™ delivers when and where you need it most.

Ultimate Dana 60The Ultimate Dana 60™

Thicker axle tubes. Genuine Spicer® nickel chromoly axle shafts. Heavy gauge rackets. And the largest, strongest u-joints you can get without a prescription. That’s just the beginning of the upgrades we’ve engineered into the Ultimate Dana 60™ axle—and that’s why it’s the first choice of hardcore Jeep® Wrangler® JK off-roaders everywhere. Get performance that’s optimized for lifted vehicles and larger tires, and get the competitive edge over even the most rugged terrain.


Download the information above for more information that answers the question, “What’s the Diff?” And get in touch with a dealer near you to put the difference to work for your vehicle.