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The Parts You Need To Build a Custom Dana 60™ Axle—Brand New From Dana!

Stop wasting time scouring the junkyard yards. Now you can order the Spicer® parts you need for the Dana 60 axle from Dana through the Builder Axle program! Whether you have a rock crawler, rock bouncer, sled puller, or other off-road vehicle, you can get brand new, genuine Spicer components— engineered by Dana and available through authorized Dana distributors.

Builder Axle Program

Spend Less Time in the Junkyard and More Time on the Trail.

Building a Dana 60axle? Dana’s Builder Axle program lets you order the right Spicer® components for the job. You can get new, genuine Spicer® parts to fit almost any vehicle. Even if you are building an “Ultimate Snow Fighter”, a sled pulling front axle, or a rock crawling rear axle, you can find all the genuine Spicer® parts you need. All you need to do is go to, enter “Builder Axle” in the search bar, and follow these three easy steps:

1. Select your genuine Dana 60™ Builder Housing:

  • Front Dana 60™ High Pinion, High Clearance, Cut-To-Length Housing
  • Rear Dana 60™ Cut-To-Length Housing

2. Determine your desired components:

  • Ball Joint Knuckle Kit (includes knuckles, tube yokes, and relevant components)
  • Wheel End Kit (includes Hubs, Spindles, and relevant components)
  • Hub Lock/Drive Flange Kit
  • Lockers
  • SPL70 Axle Shafts
  • Ring & Pinion Gearing
  • Bearing Kits
  • Brake Kits
  • Yoke/Flange

3. Use the “Where to Buy” feature on to find a distributor near you. It’s that easy!

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