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Don’t let the wrong ratio stall your stock truck sale.

Swap heads for the wanted ratio and close the deal!

The Program
The Spicer Ratio Flexibility Program is designed to help dealers close sales of stock vehicles that otherwise might be in jeopardy because the axle ratios in those vehicles do not meet the customer’s requirements.


  • Substitution of complete head assemblies saves dealer time and expense of disassembly required with gear set exchanges.
  • Satisfies customer ratio requirements without jeopardizing warranty coverage due to internal gearing replacement.
  • Dealers can get model upgrades for customer specific applications.

Stock vehicles which have never been licensed and are equipped with Spicer axles as original equipment.

Warranty Coverage
Vehicles equipped with Spicer axles continue to qualify for full warranty coverage as specified by the OEM as long as all qualifications for warranty, including lubrication requirements and application limits, are met. Refer to Spicer Warranty Guide SWGR1 for specific warranty coverage and limits.

NOTE: Dana will process orders and request shipping of replacement product within 10 business days. While the intent is to ship product before the 10 days, it does not constitute a guarantee shipping date.

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