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Endurance You Can Count On from the Brand You Trust.

Spicer Extreme U-JointsSpicer® parts from Dana are trusted around the world for their high performance and outstanding durability, and now Spicer brings you their toughest u-joint yet: the Spicer® Extreme™ u-joint. These u-joints can take any off-roading punishment you can dish out – they’re virtually indestructible! Featuring a SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel cross with an enlarged trunnion diameter for added strength, Spicer® Extreme™ u-joints allow you to crawl over every boulder and come back for more.

Spicer Extreme Group ShotYou demanded an off-road specific u-joint worthy of the Spicer name, and we listened. Dana brings you the Spicer® Extreme™ u-joint, specifically designed for adventure-seekers who put their vehicles through the most extreme trials. Dana is an original equipment (OE) manufacturer offering the best u-joints on the market, and now Dana brings you extreme duty aftermarket u-joints.

Spicer Extreme U-Joints

This super strong, super durable u-joint is meant for off-road use and meant for off-road use only, so it’s just what you need to conquer every obstacle in your path. No bearings mean larger trunnions (or body) so that the Spicer® Extreme™ u-joint is ultra-tough, and grease fittings in each cap mean that regular maintenance is hassle-free. Every facet of the engineering of the Spicer® Extreme™ u-joint reflects the latest advancements in design, materials, and manufacturing processes to meet your off-roading demands. For use with Dana 30™, Dana 44™ and Dana 60™ axles; wheel end usage only.

SDS Rheoseize


Safety Data Sheet

Click here to download the SDS for the SPX-L Spicer Extreme Anti-Seize Lube.