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New Ultimate Dana 60™ Rear Semi-Float Axles for Jeep® Vehicles

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated’s new The Ultimate Dana 60® rear semi-float axles provide Jeep® owners with a direct-fit, bolt-in upgrade solution that is built for superior strength inside and out.

“To get the most out of their vehicles, Jeep owners should consider axle upgrades,” said Bill Nunnery, senior director, sales and marketing, global aftermarket for Dana.  “Understanding the differences between semi-floating axles and full-floating axles can help enthusiasts make decisions that ensure the most fun and the least downtime on the trail.”

A semi-floating axle system transmits torque while the axle shaft itself bears the weight of the vehicle.  This design affords a limited-load capacity, yet these axles are lighter in weight.  With a full-floating axle system, the vehicle weight is supported by the hub and axle housing and not by the axle shaft itself.  Previously, The Ultimate Dana 60 axles were only available as full-float axles for Jeep applications. 

With the new The Ultimate Dana 60 semi-float axle, Jeep owners will get the benefits of the full-float option, like Spicer® nickel chromoly steel axle shafts, Spicer ring and pinion gearing, a nodular iron diff cover, heavy-duty brackets and more, while adhering to the convenience of a semi-floating design.  As an added advantage, these axles are a perfect match with an Ultimate Dana 44™ front axle, which supports the reuse of the vehicle’s factory five-lug hubs.

The major consideration in choosing an axle upgrade revolves around the wheel end parts.  Most full-float axles have an eight-bolt pattern, while many semi-float axles feature five-or-six bolt wheels and brakes.  If a vehicle already has a semi-floater and an upgrade to a more robust semi-floater is chosen, then the Jeep owner can reuse all of their wheels and brakes.  Otherwise, if a full-float axle is chosen, a complete, costly overhaul to an eight-bolt wheel and brake coverage will be needed.

“Hardcore off-roading takes a tremendous toll on any axle so upgrading to an axle that is built for extreme performance is a popular, practical modification,” said Nunnery.  “But for vehicles with semi-floating rear axles, an upgrade to a full-floating axle is not necessarily the only answer.  Enthusiasts will find that The Ultimate Dana 60 semi-float axle is specifically engineered for maximum strength and durability and is an ideal choice for any adventure.”

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