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It’s Cristy Lee with Driveline Forensics.

Topic: Drive Axle Carrier Assembly Prep and Replacement

Please watch video for complete instructions.


  • Install guide pins at 3 and 9 o’clock
  • Clean the carrier ring surface with an abrasive pad
  • Inspect for cracks, nicks, and burrs, or anything that might affect sealing
  • Replace damaged fasteners
  • Check for loose studs or cross-threaded holes
  • Use a good solvent to remove gunk, debris, or old RTV
  • Use Dana-approved RTV and practice good RTV use (cut tube to 1/8 inch, don’t flatten beads, don’t overuse)
  • Apply at the center of the carrier ring, then around the bolt holes

Install assembly:

  • Put carrier on guide pins
  • Align the splines of the output shaft to the output side gear
  • When carrier is on the pins, lower the hoist enough to disconnect the chains
  • Put on the stud washers, nuts, and bolts
  • Snug bolts in a crisscross pattern
  • Take out guide pins
  • Torque down to spec

Put in axle shaft gasket:

  • Do not mix up the shafts
  • Put shaft back in
  • Reinstall the washers and nuts. Torque to OEM specs

Install driveshaft:

  • Make sure bearing cups are completely seated between yoke nibs
  • Torque the strap bolts to spec
  • Refill the axle with new lube so the lube level is at the bottom of the fill hole
  • Lube should be ready to run out