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It’s Cristy Lee with Driveline Forensics.

Topic: Drive Axle Maintenance inspection Watch video for complete instructions.


  • Vehicle on the ground, parking brake set, wheels chocked, release parking brake
  • Look/correct leaks
  • Check the lubrication levels
  • Lubricant should be level with bottom of fill hole. If not, fluid is low
  • Breather hose, connections, and u-tube should be in place and not leaking

Check the input shaft/drive pinion endplay:

  • Put the dial indicator base on the power divider unit, with tip on the end of the input shaft
  • Push and pull on yoke without rotating the shaft. Measurement should be less than 14/1000 of an inch.

Check wheel diff lock:

  • Make sure vehicle is jacked up and on safety stands
  • Wheel differential lock must be disengaged
  • Rotate one tire and re-engage the wheel differential
  • Turn the same tire. Its axle partner should rotate with it

Check inter-axle diff lock:

  • Both tires on forward axle must be on the ground
  • Raise the rear-drive axle to elevate one tire
  • Rotate the tire in the air and engage the inter-axle diff lock
  • The tire should stop spinning
  • Disengage the inter-axle diff lock. Wheel should spin again