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Is your truck losing oil? If it is, the gasket on the oil pan could be leak. Oil pans for trucks are large, complex and expensive. After all, a truck oil pan holds around 50 litres of oil; that is ten times more than a car’s oil pan can hold.

Our practical video gives you all the important tips and tricks you need for replacing an old oil pan gasket with a new Victor Reinz® oil pan gasket.

In our video you will see:

  • Draining the oil
  • Dismantling the truck oil pan
  • Removing the leaky gasket
  • Cleaning the components and surfaces
  • Inserting and centring the Victor Reinz® oil pan gasket
  • Fitting the truck oil pan
  • Inserting the bolts 
  • Tightening the bolts
  • Other expert tips from a motor mechanics