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Victor Reinz provided gaskets for the 2019 $10K Drag Shootout, including MLS OE spec head gaskets for LS engines, amarid fiber BBC intake gaskets and molded rubber LS intake gaskets. The scallopped BBC oil pan gasket as well as valve cover gaskets have greater clearance and provide a tight seal.

Without the support of Victor Reinz and others, it would not be possible to develop the Horsepower Wars shows. It’s the generous contributions of partners companies that enable the participating teams – and millions of viewers worldwide – to take part in the epic Horsepower Wars challenges.

“Victor Reinz is excited to serve as a premier sponsor of this year’s edition of Horsepower Wars, especially as we enter the 110th anniversary of Victor Reinz this season” says Beth Mooney, Senior Marketing Manager at Dana Aftermarket. “Our top-quality performance gaskets are a perfect solution for the demands that the competitors will place on these vehicles.”