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Repair Solutions for the Ford® Bronco®

“I need an axle shaft that fits my Ford Bronco and delivers the same performance I got from the original part.”

Statistically-controlled manufacturing processes yield a factory-grade fit for Spicer nickel chromoly axle shafts, which feature top-grade materials for strength and durability that can exceed OE standards.

Chromoly Axle ShaftsFor repairs or upgrades to 1971-1977 Ford Broncos with a Dana 44™ axle, trust Spicer nickel chromoly axle shafts to provide high-performance strength and durability. Spicer chromoly axle shafts are engineered for ideal strength off-road and optimized for use with larger tires. Top-grade materials and statistically-controlled manufacturing processes provide premium performance.

Designed to deliver added strength and durability

  • SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel construction ensures ideal hardness throughout the part
    • Nickel provides additional toughness
    • Chromium ensures high-temperature strength and resistance to abrasion
    • Molybdenum helps maintain a specified hardenability that is ideal for these specific parts
  • Rigorous heat treatment processes ensure optimal hardness throughout the part
  • Provide greater strength for confidence on the trail

Get the axle shaft that fits your 1971-1977 Ford Bronco and delivers the same performance you got from your original part.

Year Axle Model Diff Spline Inner Right Inner Left Outer
1971-1977 Dana 44 27 10007781 10007779 10007803
1971-1977 Dana 44 30 10007801 10007805 10007803

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