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Serious Strength for Serious Off-Roading

Now Dana Offers Crate Axles® for Installation in Virtually Any Application

Ultimate 60 LogoTake on the most brutal terrain with Ultimate Dana 60™ Bracketless Crate Axles®: the biggest, strongest axles out there are now available from Dana for almost any off-road vehicle. Built with genuine Spicer® components, these mighty Crate Axles feature upgrades that give you a competitive advantage on the trail.

Bracketless Axles
All of the features; none of the brackets

Off-road enthusiasts will appreciate the massive SPL® 70 u-joints, heavy-duty upgraded brakes, nickel chromoly steel axle shafts, durable Spicer performance ring and pinion gears, and the aggressive nodular iron diff cover. Front Crate Axles feature the Dana-exclusive high clearance housing, while the rear axles utilize ultra-strong 3-1/2" tubes with 3/8" wall thickness.

Get the new Ultimate Dana 60™ Bracketless Crate Axle straight from Dana, weld on the brackets that fit your rig, and get ready to overcome even the toughest obstacles.

Ultimate Dana 60™ Bracketless Crate Axles incorporate the upgrades that off-roaders demand.

Get Unrivalled Durability for Your Custom Build

Trust Ultimate Dana 60™ Bracketless axles to provide a higher torque load, and deliver peak protection from environmental contaminants. Get the performance and dependability of Ultimate Dana 60™ for your custom build today!

Ultimate Dana 60™ Bracketless axles provide maximum strength and durability for vehicles with larger tires, and feature:

  • Massive Spicer® SPL® 70 u-joints – exclusive to Dana
  • Spicer® 35 spline SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel axle shafts
  • Warn® 35 spline hub locks
  • Dead spindle design
  • High-clearance carrier with ribbed housing design
  • Available with either an Eaton® ELocker® or ARB® Air Locker®
  • Heavy-duty 8 x 6.5" wheel bolt pattern
  • Genuine Made in the USA Spicer® 10" (256 mm) ring and pinion gear
  • Spicer® 1350 strap-style/half-round end yoke
  • Axle tubes: 3-1/2" tubes with 3/8" wall thickness
  • Upgraded heavy-duty brakes with plug-and-play ABS system
Differential Ratio Front Rear Buy
E-Locker 3.73 10064659 10055395 Buy Now
E-Locker 4.10 10064660 10055396 Buy Now
E-Locker 4.88 10064658 10055398 Buy Now
E-Locker 5.38 10064657 10055400 Buy Now
ARB (Air Locker) 4.88 10146346 10144196 Buy Now
ARB (Air Locker) 5.38 10146347 10144198 Buy Now

To discover all the features and benefits of Ultimate Dana 60™ axles, download the brochure on the right. Then, contact your Spicer parts dealer to gain a true competitive advantage with high-performance Ultimate Dana 60™ Bracketless Crate Axles®.

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