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Next-Day Direct Shipment of a Complete Driveshaft Assembly

“Heavy duty driveshaft repair can be complicated due to the countless configurations required to accommodate all the vehicle makes you service.”

With the Spicer ReadyShaft™ Program for commercial vehicles, Dana offers shipment of a warrantied driveshaft assembly by the next business day, with easily trackable delivery.

When a commercial vehicle is down, Dana is there to meet your need for a fast-turnaround aftermarket driveshaft solution. The Spicer ReadyShaft™ Program offers the convenience that you demand, providing world-class driveshaft assemblies that are shipped within one business day of order and feature warranty coverage.

ReadyShaft Infographic

EMEA ReadyShaft Program

Features and Benefits

  • Convenience of next-day shipment from receipt of order
  • Free ground shipping
  • Seamless ordering process
  • Comprised of Genuine Spicer driveshaft components
  • Built to OE specifications
  • Eliminates the need for stocking replacement driveshafts
  • Sturdy, secure cardboard tube packaging
  • Features many popular driveshaft series, including 1710 Series, SPL140 Series, and SPL350 Series

Get your commercial vehicle back on the road quickly with a Spicer driveshaft—built with Genuine Spicer parts.

Consistent Part Numbering for Easy Aftermarket Driveshaft Ordering

Dana makes your job easier by offering these quick-ship driveshafts with user-friendly part numbers. ReadyShaft™ Program driveshaft part numbers are the standard part number plus an “R” suffix.


  • 170SC55012C: Standard Driveshaft Assembly
  • 170SC55012CR: ReadyShaft™ Program Driveshaft Assembly
Series Dana P/N ReadyShaft P/N Shortened Detail Description
SPL170 170IA55010C-70M 170IA55010C-70MR Driveshaft Interaxle
1710 906354-0622 906354-0622R Driveshaft Interaxle
SPL250 250CS50001-1085M 250CS50001-1085MR Coupling Shaft SPL250 Lite
SPL250 250CS54003C-1150M 250CS54003C-1150MR Coupling Shaft
SPL170 170DS55007C-820M 170DS55007C-820MR Driveshaft
SPL250 250CS50001-1485M 250CS50001-1485MR Coupling Shaft SPL250 Lite
SPL250 250CS50001-1545M 250CS50001-1545MR Coupling Shaft SPL250 Lite
SPL250 250CS50001-890M 250CS50001-890MR Coupling Shaft SPL250 Lite
SPL170 170IA55010C-80M 170IA55010C-80MR Driveshaft Interaxle
SPL250 250DS85001-1600M 250DS85001-1600MR Driveshaft SPL250 Lite
SPL170 170SC55008C 170SC55008CR Driveshaft Short Couple
SPL250 250CS50001-1090M 250CS50001-1090MR Coupling Shaft SPL250 Lite

There are over 10,000 part numbers available! Please visit to search for the advanced driveshaft solution that fits your application. If you need help with ordering, we are here to make the process easy.

No Part Number? No Problem! Dana EZ-ID™: Easily Identify Driveshaft Assemblies – Even Without Part Numbers 

The new, award-winning Spicer ReadyShaft™ Dana EZ-ID tool is an easy-to-use visual pathway, offering quick identification of driveline assembly part numbers that are missing product tags or other identifiers.

Dana EZ-ID Tool to find heavy duty truck parts

Uptime is Critical!   

The Dana EZ-ID tool simplifies ordering the correct parts through the Spicer ReadyShaft™ program, an innovative solution that provides for next-day direct shipment of complete driveshaft assemblies. 

By combining quick identification, easy ordering, and next-day shipment of built-to-order, fully assembled driveshafts, you can save time, improve productivity, and eliminate the cost of stocking replacement driveshafts and accessories. View the Dana EZ-ID User Guide →

For more information on this or any other Spicer driveline products, contact your sales representative.