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Upgraded Dana 30™ and Dana 44™ Axle Shafts for the Jeep JK.

Today’s Jeep owners are customizing their vehicles with larger tires for off-road use. Now Spicer, the most trusted name in aftermarket parts, presents upgraded front axle shafts that are built to meet the demands of today’s Jeep JK off-road enthusiasts. They're part of our line of parts built with Jeep drivers in mind.

Axle Shafts Engineered for Longer Life in Jeep JK Axles.

Genuine Spicer front axle shafts are built to exact specifications:Spicer Chromoly Shafts

  • Application-specific design and engineering
  • Precision manufacturing processes
  • Quality materials
  • Statistically controlled testing and heat treatment

The upgrades* made to these Dana 30™ and Dana 44™ axle shafts deliver optimal performance with larger tires and off-road use. They also offer a wide range of advantages for Jeep drivers everywhere.

Increased u-joint size from 1310 to 1350 series

  • 25% higher yield strength than original u-joint
  • U-joint sealing package upgraded* to Spicer Life Series®

Unparalleled strength and longer life

  • Fatigue life improved by 300%
  • 2000% improvement in high-angle fatigue life

Outer stub design re-engineered for added strength

  • Improved snap ring retention to reduce shock load failures
  • Material added to yoke ears and removed from body to equalize deflection through the yoke and reduce bearing cap spinning
  • Micro-alloy improves strength of the shaft
  • Statistically controlled heat treatment ensures proper hardness

Get optimal off-road performance, even with larger Jeep JK tires.

Upgrades Designed for Dana 30™ and Dana 44™ Axles

100% of our front axle parts are ultrasonically tested, so we’re able to check for internal cracks that regular magnetic testing cannot reach. Because when it comes to the performance of Spicer axles, there is no room for compromise.

Find the front axle shaft for your vehicle by downloading the literature above. Then locate a Spicer parts dealer near you.

* Upgrade reference depends on model year as it is now standard equipment on recent models.