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Engineered for Longer Life and a Smoother Ride in Your Axle.Ring & Pinion Animation

Dana design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing processes all work together in Spicer® ring and pinion gearing to ensure performance that non-genuine parts simply cannot deliver. Spicer gearing offers the easiest possible set-up, a quieter ride and strength that can’t be beaten for genuine Dana axles.

“I need ring and pinion gearing that avoids setup challenges and excess noise, and that delivers unmatched strength and lifespan.”

The surface treatment on Spicer® ring and pinion gearing creates a quiet gear, and highly sophisticated manufacturing processes mean that Spicer gears generally set up with a proper pattern on the first attempt, and that lifespan can be up to double that of non-genuine parts.

Spicer® Finishes First in Fatigue Tests

The Test: Each gear is installed in a production axle, which runs on a dyno until the gear fractures. Both high-load and low-load simulation tests are performed.

The Result: Under low-load conditions, Spicer ring and pinion gears performed more than twice as many cycles as the competition. Under high-load conditions, Spicer ring and pinion gears lasted nearly three times as many cycles as the closest competitor!

Spicer offers coverage for a wide range of popular vehicle models, both in terms of ring and pinion gearing and related components, including:

Jeep Wrangler JL

For the Jeep® Wrangler JL:

Differential ring and pinion

  • Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® front 3.73
  • Part# 10046055

Companion flange assembly

  • Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® JL front
  • Part# 10009588

Differential carrier case

  • Assembly JL rear Trac-Lok™
  • Part# 10071926

Chevy Colorado

For the Chevy® Colorado:

Differential ring and pinion M200

  • Rear 4.10 ratio Colorado
  • Part# 2017232

Differential carrier assembly M190

  • Open Colorado front
  • Part# 10011183

Ford Super Duty

For the Ford Super Duty:

Differential ring and pinion

  • M275 rear 3.55 ratio
  • Part# 2010761

Differential carrier assembly Dana model

  • 300 loaded Trac-Lok™ 4.10 and up
  • Part# 10043382

Axle shaft F-250/F-350 SRW pickup

  • Trac-Lok™ left
  • Part# 10010794

OE-Quality Gear Sets for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs.

When you purchase genuine Spicer ring and pinion gear sets, you can be confident the set will meet or exceed the exact Dana standards that original equipment manufacturers have relied on for more than a hundred years. Spicer gearing is:

  • Manufactured with a special grade of steel for a more consistent, higher quality product
  • Precision-machined and heat-treated for consistent quality, exceptional durability and enhanced lifespan due to reduced residual stress
  • Engineered to ensure matched sets and mating of the gears

Reduce your downtime and cost with genuine Spicer ring and pinion gearing.

Get the benefits of precision-machined gearing for your Dana axles—a smoother, quieter ride and up to double the life of non-genuine parts.

Locate the Spicer parts dealer nearest you, then get ready to enjoy all of the advantages that genuine Spicer quality has to offer.

Now Available for the 2019 Jeep Gladiator JT!

Whats the Diff?


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