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A True Advantage for Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle

“Every component in my repair and service kits needs to be built to OE specifications and easy to install – and I need a range of options.”

Spicer® all-makes king pin kits come complete with everything you need for thorough and lasting repairs, and deliver a significant performance advantage for your heavy-duty vehicles and installation preferences.

Each Spicer® king pin kit is the result of years of engineering and testing, and is made up of components that meet Dana’s rigorous standards for quality. They are tested, they are proven, and they have earned the Dana Diamond.

Applications Spicer® Spiral Spicer® DX Kit Spicer® Bronze Kit Bronze Style ID
E SERIES 1200-1320 SINGLE DRAWKEY KPK3011 328344 328342 PRE-SIZED
FF931, 932, 933, 934, 941, 942, 943, 944, 961, 962, 966, 967, MFS10 KPK3001 KPK1122 KPK1123 PRE-SIZED
E SERIES 1002-1462 DOUBLE DRAWKEY KPK3002 328349 328347 PRE-SIZED
I SERIES 100, 120 KPK3003 120KK100 KPK1155 REAM
D SERIES 600, 700, 800, 850 KPK3004 329182 KPK1161 REAM
I SERIES 60, 80 KPK3005 KPK1164 KPK1154 REAM
EFA12 KPK3006 806355 KPK1156 PRE-SIZED
FL931, 933, 941, 943, 951 KPK3007 KPK1121 KPK1116 REAM
MFS 8 KPK3008 KPK1068 NA NA
EFA18, 20, 22, 24 KPK3009 811525 KPK1157 REAM
FG931, 933, 941, 943 KPK3010 KPK1120 KPK1118 PRE-SIZED
FF981 KPK3056 KPK1024 NA NA
FH941, 945, 946 KPK3059 KPK1038 NA NA
FA523, FA532, FA538 - Mack - 12k KPK3013 NA KPK1106 PRE-SIZED
E1460 I/W AFTER 1/1/2000 KPK3016 328345 328343 NA
P20, P30, P3500 KPK3017 KPK1080 KPK1082 PRE-SIZED
FF931, FF941 KPK3021 KPK1119 KPK1117 PRE-SIZED
GMC 6000 LB KPK3044 KPK1073 (N) KPK1075 REAM
FC941 KPK3057 KPK1151 NA NA
I-132SG, I-140SG, I-140S, I-140W KPK3064 140KK100 KPK1158 REAM

Please see the Spicer Commercial Vehicle All-Makes King Pin Kits sell sheet, HAXL-KPK-12019, for complete interchange information.

A Range of Bushing Options to Meet Your Specifications.

Spiecr® Sprial Stainless Steel Bushing KitsSpicer® Spiral Stainless Steel Bushing Kits

  • Engineered for all-makes heavy-duty service
  • Stainless steel durability
  • Grooved pins for optimal lubrication
  • Quick and easy installation
    • Reduces labor requirements

Spicer® DX10 GArlock Bushing KitsSpicer® DX10 Garlock Bushing Kits

  • Ideal for long-distance/high-mileage use
  • 2x the abrasive resistance
  • 3x the wear resistance
  • Featuring the latest technology
    • Less friction
    • Improved steering
    • Longer maintenance intervals

Spicer® DX Garlock Bushing KitsSpicer® DX Garlock Bushing Kits

  • Ideal for long-distance and high-mileage use
    • Less friction
    • Improved steering
    • Longer maintenance intervals

Spicer® Bronze Bi-Metal Bushing KitsSpicer® Bronze Bi-Metal Bushing Kits

  • Preferred for heavy-haul applications
  • Designed with indents and grooves
    • Offer durability
    • Enables optimal lubrication
  • Pre-size or ream to specification 

Spicer king pin kits are built to OE specifications and easy to install.

Spicer king pin kits are the expert’s choice when it comes to durable replacement king pin kits.

To enhance your heavy-duty vehicle performance and take advantage of proven Spicer quality for your commercial truck, locate a Spicer parts distributor near you. And to access parts information, check availability, and place and track your orders, check out Dana’s streamlined eCommerce platform,