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Spicer ReadyPack

Professionally Preinstalled Kits for an Efficient Rebuild


“It’s inconvenient and frustrating to order each part individually when rebuilding driveshafts, coupling shafts, and interaxle shafts in commercial vehicles.”

With Spicer ReadyPack™ preassembled kits, you’ll benefit from streamlined ordering, less inventory hassle, and a quantifiable savings compared to purchasing the kit components individually.

NEW SPL® Lite Kit (Representative images shown below)

SPL Lite Kit

Driveshaft Interaxle Kit (Representative images shown below)

Driveshaft Interaxle Kit

Coupling Shaft Kit (Representative images shown below)

Coupling Shaft Kit

Don’t waste time and money ordering individual parts on your next rebuild.

Spicer ReadyPack™ preassembled kits for driveshafts, coupling shafts, and interaxle shafts support the efficiency of your business with streamlined ordering, and savings on inventory, labor, and your total investment. The Spicer ReadyPack kit arrives with u-joints that are professionally installed in the yoke shaft and in the tube yoke. Kits featuring SPL® u-joints come pre-greased with production lube.*

Save time and money and get everything you need for a thorough and lasting commercial vehicle shaft rebuild. For a complete rebuilt driveshaft that’s as good as or better than the OE parts it replaces, choose Genuine Spicer® tubing. Spicer is an OE-tubing provider and offers tubes in a variety of sizes to fit your application.

ReadyPack Video

ReadyPack Benefits

Spicer ReadyPack benefits:

  • In-House Integration
  • Serving All Vehicle Markets
  • Able to Support Any Need
  • Complete System Capabilities

Spicer ReadyPack™ Expanded Coverage: 
More Convenience. More Value.

New! Expanded Coverage

We’ve increased ReadyPack coverage for your convenience with the addition of service-free options and SPL® Builder kits. Take a look at our new kits and see what you’re getting with every Spicer ReadyPack preassembled kit.

Expanded Coverage
Series ReadyPack Part # Base Part # Description
SPL250 Lite DB250C50F 250CS50001F, 250CS50002F SPL 250 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL250 Lite DB250C20F 250CS20001F, 250CS20002F SPL 250 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL250 Lite DB250C50 250CS50001, 250CS50002 SPL 250 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL250 Lite DB250C20 250CS20001, 250CS20002 SPL 250 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL350 Lite DB350C50F 350CS50002F, 350CS50004F SPL 350 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL350 Lite DB350C20F 350CS20002F, 350CS20004F SPL 350 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL350 Lite DB350C50 350CS50002, 350CS50004 SPL 350 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL350 Lite DB350C20 350CS20002, 350CS20004 SPL 350 Lite Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL140 DB140C54015 140CS54015 Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL140 DB140C54025 140CS54025 Drive Shaft Kit
SPL170 DB170C54005F 170CS54005F Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL170 DB170I55002F 170IA55002F Interaxle Shaft Kit
SPL170 DB170I55010F 170IA55010F Interaxle Shaft Kit
SPL170 DB170C54005C 170CS54005C Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL170 DB170I55001C 170IA55001C Interaxle Shaft Kit
SPL170 DB170I55010C 170IA55010C Interaxle Shaft Kit
SPL170 DB170C54046C 170CS54046C Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL250 DB250C54043F 250CS54043F Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL250 DB250I55001F 250IA55001F Interaxle Shaft Kit
SPL250 DB250C54003C 250CS54003C Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL250 DB250D55003C 250DS55003C Drive Shaft Kit
SPL250 DB250C54024C 250CS54024C Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL250 DB250I5019022 5019022 Drive Shaft Kit
SPL350 DB350C54001F 350CS54001F Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL350 DB350D55001F 350DS55001F Drive Shaft Kit
SPL350 DB350C54001 350CS54001 Coupling Shaft Kit
SPL350 DB350D55001 350DS55001 Drive Shaft Kit
1710 DB1710C807369 807369 Coupling Shaft Kit
1710 DB1710C810549 810549 Coupling Shaft Kit
1710 DB1710D810588 810588 Drive Shaft Kit
1710 DB1710I805358 805358 Interaxle Shaft Kit
1710 DB1710I817264 817264 Drive Shaft Kit
1710 DB1710I906354 906354 Drive Shaft Kit
1710 DB1710C908018 908018 Drive Shaft Kit
1760 DB1760C810661 810661 Coupling Shaft Kit
1760 DB1760C910662 910662 Coupling Shaft Kit
1760 DB1760D810652 810652 Drive Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810C817099 817099 Coupling Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810D5002266 5002266 Drive Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810C822671 822671 Coupling Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810C917098 917098 Coupling Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810D817090 817090 Drive Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810D817697 817697 Drive Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810D917094 917094 Drive Shaft Kit
1810 DB1810S808024-1 808024-1 Short Couple Shaft Kit

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Genuine Spicer® Tubing Delivers a Complete Rebuild

Spicer TubingFor a complete driveshaft rebuild, choose Spicer commercial vehicle tubing. Spicer is an OE-tubing provider and offers tube lengths ranging from 68 to 108 inches, with convenient 3-packs of 33-inch tubes now available to save you time and money. Recent packaging improvements on all tubes provide better protection for your purchase on its way to the shop.

Tube Size 10 Series SPL®
108" X X
100" X X
73" X X
74" X  
68" X  
New! 33"   X


Tubing Part # Series Long Description Weight (lbs)
120-30-3-3300B3 SPL 3 Piece Tubing Bulk Pack 4.960 x .118 61
120-30-4-3300B3 SPL 3 Piece Tubing Bulk Pack 5.059 x .167 82.01
120-30-5-3300B3 SPL 3 Piece Tubing Bulk Pack 5.118 x .197 95.99
120-30-6-3300B3 SPL 3 Piece Tubing Bulk Pack 5.196 x .236 113.01

Find where you can place your order on, Dana’s streamlined ecommerce platform, or check out our Where to Buy page now.

*Spicer ReadyPack SPL u-joints are pre-greased, while Spicer ReadyPack 10 Series u-joints must be greased before use.