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Engineered to Reduce Vibration and Weight without Compromising Strength

SPL® 250 Lite series driveshafts represent the next generation in Dana’s robust series of driveshafts. Optimized for the most popular configurations of heavy-duty commercial trucks, SPL 250 Lite series driveshafts are designed to handle torque ratings up to 25,000 Nm. These driveshafts are up to 35 pounds lighter than competitive products, without sacrificing performance or durability.

“I can’t find a reliable driveshaft that’s properly balanced.”

SPL® 250 Midship Assembly
• Yoke shaft and spline sleeve are manufactured as a machined-fit matched set for a more balanced, smoother operation.

Standard re-lube or service-free designs

  • Universal joint kits are 100% interchangeable between both configurations
  • Dana was the first supplier in the industry to offer this flexibility

Torque ratings up to 25,000 Nm.

Improved balance delivers best balance specification in the industry

  • Engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Less annoyance
  • G16 capable

Common end yokes and u-joints with existing driveshaft counterparts

  • Increased ease of service
  • Simplified inventory

SPL 250 Driveshaft

Part Number Product Description
250DS85001-950M SPL 250 Lite Driveshaft
250DS85001-1000M SPL 250 Lite Driveshaft
250DS85001F-1030M SPL 250 Lite Driveshaft

Enhanced Midship Design

With a one piece midship assembly, SPL 250 Lite driveshafts have 10 less parts than traditional options – 7 vs. 17 – for reduced service inventory, with the same superior Spicer® quality you demand.

“I am looking for a lighter driveshaft option that has fewer parts, and improved performance.”

SPL® 250 Lite Driveshaft
• A one piece, superior-quality midship assembly delivers 10 less parts than traditional options, for reduced vibration and cost.

Fewer components – 7 vs. 17 of traditional SPL

  • Reduced complexity
  • Reduced service inventory
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduced initial investment

Reduced weight

  • Up to 35 lbs. lighter than other driveshafts in its class

Yoke shaft and spline sleeve manufactured as a set

  • Offers simple ordering of a Spicer® midship assembly for easier installation
  • Optimal matched-fit parts bring assembly back to OE-specifications
  • Provides a more balanced, smoother operation •Offers a more predictable installation

SPL 250 Driveshaft

SPL 250 Driveshaft
The one piece midship assembly is engineered to balance the Lite series to 50% of current specifications, providing best-in-class NVH performance


To learn more about each of these driveshaft assemblies, download the brochure. Dana’s proprietary design and manufacturing methods allow the Lite series to be balanced to 50% of current specifications. Choose SPL® 250 Lite series driveshafts for your fleet, for increased uptime and simplified service.

For more information on this or any other Spicer products, contact your sales representative. And check out Dana’s streamlined eCommerce platform,, to access the parts information you need, check availability, place and track your orders, and more, all in one place.