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Get Improved Fuel Efficiency and Extend Your Carrier Warranty

“I’m looking for a lube that does even more than performing in extreme temperatures and protecting the gears and bearings in my rigs.”

Spicer® fuel-efficient synthetic gear lubricants ensure longer gear life and better operating performance, while also offering quantifiable fuel savings and the option to extend your carrier warranty.

For better operating performance over time and a longer gear life, Spicer® remains the name that people trust. Not only do Spicer fuel-efficient synthetic gear lubricants provide ultimate protection for gears and bearings, they’re also proven to deliver improved fuel economy and decreased CO2 emissions.

New! Spicer XFE 75W-85 Extra Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Gear Lubricant

XFE 75W-85: Available in 5-gallon containers

Spicer XFE 75W-85 synthetic gear lubricant is our most fuel-efficient lube to date. You can enjoy a 1.9% fuel savings improvement over standard FE 75W-90 oil and extend the warranty on your Spicer heavy-duty or medium-duty carriers.

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Extended drain interval: up to 500,000 miles
  • Outstanding gear and bearing protection
  • Extreme hot and cold temperature performance
Description Part #
5-gallon pail XFE75W85-P

Spicer FE 75W-90 Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Gear Lubricant

FE75W-90 Product Shot
FE 75W-90: Available in 5-gallon containers

Engineered to meet the specifications of line haul, vocational heavy-duty, and light-duty drive axles, Spicer FE 75W-90 fuel-efficient synthetic gear lubricant is also recommended for applications where heat and wear present operational issues for your fleet.

  • Quantifiable 1% fuel savings
  • Reduced gear wear
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Less oil disposal
  • Decreased vehicle downtime
  • Maximum extreme hot and cold temperature performance
  • Extended drain interval: up to 500,000 miles
  • Extended carrier warranty protection option

Get quantifiable 1% fuel savings improvement—and extend your carrier warranty. 

Description Part #
5-gallon container FE75W90-P

How Much Can Spicer Synthetic Gear Lubricant Save You?

Fuel Savings CalculatorDetermine how Spicer synthetic gear lubricant can help your fleet get better mileage and save you money. Check out our calculator and discover the difference for yourself!

Get an Extended Warranty on your Spicer® Carrier!

Oil WarrantyPurchase a new heavy-duty or medium-duty Spicer service carrier for your linehaul vehicle and fill it with Spicer® XFE 75W-85 or FE 75W-90, and your 2-year unlimited mileage warranty can be extended twelve months, for a total of three years!

Download the Spicer® extended warranty plan registration form here.

To discover the benefits of genuine Spicer fuel-efficient synthetic gear lubricant, find where you can place your order on, Dana’s streamlined ecommerce platform, or check out our Where to Buy page now.