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Efficient, Reliable, and Engineered for Downspeeding.

“As I search for efficient, robust solutions for engine downspeeding, I want to be able to spec all the right parts from one trusted source.”

Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 tandem axles deliver increased fuel economy, reduced vehicle weight, and minimized total ownership costs – and, in combination with our SPL® 350 driveshafts, they offer the industry’s first full-system solution for engine downspeeding.

AdvanTEK 40Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 tandem axles are the most durable, reliable axle for Class 8 applications, featuring highly efficient, robust AdvanTEK gearing. Enjoy significant competitive advantages with this brand of commercial axle, which can withstand 30% higher input torque and enable more than 2% improved vehicle efficiency.

Part of a Full-System Solution for Engine Downspeeding.

Class 8 Truck DownspeedingCombined with our SPL® 350 driveshaft, the AdvanTEK axle is part of the industry's first full-system solution for engine downspeeding, giving you the ability to spec all the right parts from one trusted source. Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axles offer the following advantages: 

  • Five different ratios to support engine downspeeding
    • Including the industry's fastest axle ratio of 2.26:1
  • Lighter weight for an overall increased vehicle efficiency of up to 2%
    • Save more than 2,700 gallons of fuel over the course of five years
    • Reduce your vehicle's carbon dioxide output by over 60,000 pounds   
  • Optimum inter-axle driveline angles
    • Low NVH and extended life of U-joints for most air ride suspensions
  • Reliability improvements
    • Reduced vehicle downtime and service costs
  • SelecTTrac™, 11 mm wall, diff-lock, pump
    • Customized to improve fleet operation and maximize resale value
Part Number Product Description
D155264EX Differential Carrier
D155279EX Differential Carrier
R155279EX Differential Carrier
R155253EX Differential Carrier

With Spicer AdvanTEK 40 Tandem Axles, the Advantage Is Yours.

The Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 tandem axle is the first axle for linehaul fleets to feature Dana’s innovative AdvanTEK gearing. This 6x4 was developed with the fastest axle ratios in the industry to handle higher input torques and lower engine RPM at cruise speed.

Increase fuel economy, reduce vehicle weight, and minimize your total ownership costs with AdvanTEK axles.

Up to 21 pounds lighter than the closest competitive standard tandem axles, the Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle:

  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces vehicle weight
  • Minimizes total ownership costs 

In addition, further refinements to the design deliver even more advantages, including:

  • Extended u-joint life 
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs

Download the brochure to learn more about the advantages Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 tandem axles can provide for your commercial vehicles. Then find a Spicer parts distributor in your area today; check out when you’re ready to place and track your orders.