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Spicer® Carrier Assemblies for Commercial Vehicles

“With so many parts that can potentially fail in an axle carrier, from gearing to oil seals, I need to be sure that every single part is of premium quality.”

Spicer® medium- and heavy-duty axle carriers are built with 100% Genuine Spicer parts, which meet OE standards and feature the latest engineering improvements and product enhancements.

Carrier Group
Spicer medium-duty and heavy-duty axle carriers meet OE standards.

Don’t risk your commercial vehicle’s performance on knock-off axle carriers. With genuine Spicer® medium-duty and heavy-duty axle carrier assemblies, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your brand-new parts meet original equipment standards.

Carriers with the Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Only Dana gives you two purchasing options for new Genuine Spicer carriers: 

  • Core-free option: requires no core deposit or core return
  • Core-exchange option: our most competitively-priced offering

Access our Core Return Center tutorial video now! You can create and track your core returns with Dana’s online Core Return Center.

Our broad product line offers the right carrier to meet your application needs. Our customer service department, which includes dedicated carrier core management experts, stands ready to provide the service you expect.

Below is just a sampling of the wide variety of models and ratios offered by Dana. Examples show both exchange (EX) and core free (CF) options.

  Exchange option Core free option
DSP40355EX DSP40355CF
DS404336EX DS404336CF
RS404370EX RS404370CF
D170DP410EX D170DP410CF
S170D391EX S170D391CF

“Even when I utilize OE-quality axle carriers, my clients feel more confident when parts are backed by an extensive warranty—so I want to offer them more than the typical 2-year option.”

Spicer® axle carriers feature a full 2-year, unlimited-mile warranty, with the option to extend the warranty an additional year* when Spicer FE 75W-90 or XFE 75W-85 lube is used in linehaul applications.

Reliable, Affordable, and Fully Warrantied

Spicer medium-duty and heavy-duty axle carriers are built with 100% Spicer parts, with premium gearing, bearings, and oil seals in every unit. In addition, we offer a full 2-year warranty, as well as the option to extend the warranty to three years* when customers use Spicer FE 75W-90 or XFE 75W-85 lube in linehaul applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Factory-new product
    • Built with 100% Spicer parts
    • Features the latest engineering improvements and product enhancements
  • Full 2-year warranty
    • Unlimited-mile warranty helps put customers at ease
  • Optional 3-year warranty
    • Extend the 2-year warranty to three years* when customers use Spicer XFE 75W-85 or FE 75W-90 lube in linehaul applications
  • Core-free option
    • Part numbers with a CF suffix
    • No core charge or return needed
    • Save money and hassle up front
    • Reduce storage, freight charges, staff time and paperwork
  • Expanded customer service
    • Now including a dedicated Carrier Expert on staff
  • Hot Shot Same-Day Delivery
    • Depending on your location and carrier
  • Extended emergency truck-down hours
    • We can now accept orders up to 6:00 p.m. EST
  • Backed by Dana
    • The most reliable service support team in the industry

Stock and sell genuine Spicer carriers, the highest-quality product in the industry.

* Customer is required to complete and submit for approval the Spicer Extended Warranty Plan Registration Form to obtain the extended warranty.

Part Number Identification Guide and Examples

The Spicer smart part number identification system reflects actual location, model, ratio, and GAWR, making ordering your medium- and heavy-duty carriers easier than ever. See the examples below.

OE-Quality Axle Carriers and Expanded Customer Service

We have a dedicated Carrier Expert on staff to help ensure first-rate customer service. With our extended emergency truck-down hours, we accept orders as late as 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. And with Hot Shot Same-Day Delivery, carriers can be received the same day, depending on your location and carrier. For more information, including more about our network of North American Logistic Centers, download the brochure.

Find where you can place your order on, Dana’s streamlined ecommerce platform, or check out our Where to Buy page now.