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A Money-Saving Axle Repair Solution.

Instead of purchasing a complete axle assembly for your pickup truck or light-duty vehicle, the Spicer ABS Tone Wheel can get the job done while saving you money.

The tone wheel is part of the sensor that makes up your anti-lock brake system. As the tone wheel begins to break down over time, the sensor stops generating a usable signal, which can lead to false activations of your ABS system and a less stable ride for you.

A money-saving repair that ensures you get the smoothest ride possible.

The Spicer ABS Tone Wheel is one of many money-saving repair options manufactured under the Spicer brand for your performance vehicles. Not only does it offer an easy fix for your axle assembly, but it can also help you pass vehicle inspections where applicable.

The Exact Part You Need for ABS System Repair.

Spicer ABS Tone Wheels are part of the complete line of Spicer high-performance parts. Engineered to deliver on or off the road, these are the parts that serious enthusiasts demand. Browse all the Dana-backed axle and driveshaft components and unleash the performance in your vehicle.

Find a Spicer ABS Tone Wheel Dealer Near You

Spicer ABS tone wheels are part of a full line of products and repair solutions designed with the performance driver in mind. See all of our performance parts here. Then locate a Spicer parts dealer near you and discover the difference that genuine Spicer axle products can deliver for you.