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Easy Repair Solutions When Performance Matters.

Spicer High Performance GasketsTired of using paper differential gaskets? With genuine Spicer® high-performance gaskets, you have a quick and easy solution. These gaskets are easily installed and instantly sealed, making replacement a snap when you are in the field. And once they’re installed, Spicer high-performance gaskets deliver maximum durability.

Made in the USA, Spicer high-performance gaskets feature:

  • Anti-stick coating on the outside 
  • Non-asbestos facing
  • Woven steel core for enhanced durability

Enjoy tremendous advantages with an easy repair solution in the field.

Spicer high-performance gaskets are designed to seal minor surface irregularities. In addition, these gaskets are:

  • Manufactured with proprietary high-density performance material
    • Provides no re-torque design with maximum compression and sealing
    • Maintains the initial load without the need for elastomer beads, which can rupture and require re-torque
  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures
    • Engineered specifically for performance settings
  • Reusable*
    • Coated with Teflon®
    • Offers cleaner release during replacement
  • Built with a mechanically and chemically bonded woven steel core
    • Delivers stiffness for easy in-field repairs and radial strength
  • Made to adhere without messy RTV sealant
    • Saves on install time by eliminating the time needed for RTV to cure

Differential Cover Gaskets

Spicer has the custom solution for diff cover gaskets for your Jeep® Wrangler JK, featuring easy repair when you’re in the field and instant sealing.

Spicer Part Number Short Description
RD52005 Ford 8.8"
RD52004 Ford 9"
RD52003 Ford 9.75"
RD52002 Ford 10.25"
RD52001 Dana 30™
RD52000 Dana 44™
RD51999 Dana 60™
RD51998 Dana 70™
RD51997 Dana 80™
RD51996 GM 8.87" 12 Bolt Car
RD51995 GM 14 Bolt 10.5"
RD52006 Chrysler 9.25"

Unleash the Performance in Your Vehicle with Spicer Parts.

Spicer high-performance gaskets are part of a full line of quick and easy repair solutions and service parts for performance enthusiasts everywhere. Browse our full line of genuine Spicer performance parts today, and look for a Spicer parts dealer near you.

* Reusability is based on material conditions