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A Complete Diff Case Rebuild for Automotive Axles.

Spicer Inner Geat KitGet everything you need to rebuild your differential case with genuine Spicer® inner gear kits. Forged to ensure greater strength and increased durability, this is only inner gear kit that is engineered to meet the standards of Dana, the global leader in drivetrain components.

Near-Net Forged for Longer Life in Dana Axles.

Spicer inner gear kits include the parts you need to make your repair easy:

  • Diff gears
  • Side gears
  • Hardware
  • Thrust washers
  • Cross shaft

Because these parts are near-net forged to original equipment specifications, you can be assured that you get maximum durability. 

An easy repair solution designed specifically for high-performance applications.

Each component of a Spicer inner gear kit is engineered to exact Dana specifications. In addition, you can get performance without the stress risers that come from cutting gears. Because Spicer inner gear kits offer the following features, you can be assured of optimum quality:

  • Phosphate coating on cross shaft
  • Statistically controlled heat treating
  • Product analysis
  • Testing to meet aftermarket specifications for the following conditions:
    • Case depth
    • Core hardness
    • Microstructure
    • Materials
    • Coatings

Spicer inner gear kits are one of the many repair solutions designed specifically for high-performance applications. Wherever limits are pushed, on the track or on the trail, Spicer parts are there. To see more examples, browse our complete line of Dana-backed performance parts and products. And to unleash the performance in your vehicle, locate a Spicer parts dealer near you.