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Spicer Universal Joints Outperform the Competition!

“After a u-joint degrades or breaks, I don’t want to replace it with another part that has the same weaknesses, or a short lifespan.”

Spicer® u-joints provide performance that’s as good as or better than your original equipment parts. Spicer u-joints consistently outperform the competition, offering the durability and dependability you demand.

Spicer u-joints incorporate the latest advancements in design, materials, and manufacturing processes to deliver a consistent, high-quality product that is engineered to meet the specific demands of the application.

Spicer Life Series® Plus U-Joints

SPL55XGlobal manufacturers already recognize Spicer Life Series (SPL®) u-joints as a benchmark in quality. We took this trusted OE product and enhanced the grease, then improved the seal, spacer, and seal guard materials, to create u-joints with unrivaled performance and longevity: Spicer Life Series Plus u-joints.

Description Spicer Part #
SPL® Plus Series (1350 non-greaseable) 5-1350XP
SPL® Plus Series (1410 non-greaseable) 5-1410XP
SPL® Plus Series (1480/SPL55 non-greaseable) SPL55XP
SPL Plus Callouts

Premium Spicer Life Series® U-Joints

SPL U-Joint

Cold-forged from high-quality steel, the line of SPL u-joints includes Spicer 1310 u-joints and Spicer 1350 u-joints—and they all deliver the strength and durability that today’s performance vehicles demand. For a longer life for your driveshaft, choose Spicer SPL u-joints.

Spicer Life Series® u-joints are available in greaseable and lubed-for-life/non-greaseable options. For our complete part number listing, visit

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SPL U-Joint Callout

Spicer® Blue-Coated Performance U-Joints

Spicer Blue U-JointsWe made Dana Spicer u-joints even tougher by covering them with a high-performance, high-durability blue coating. Tests results prove that these coated u-joints stand up to the corrosive effects of the elements better than the competitor’s uncoated product.

Spicer U-Joint Blue U-Joint Equivalent
5-760X 5-760XC
5-7166X SPL30-7166XC
5-1350X SPL30-1350XC
SPL55-3X SPL55-1480XC
SPL70-3X SPL70-1550XC

Spicer® 10 Series U-Joints

Spicer 10 Series U-Joint

Spicer 10 Series driveshaft u-joints and other u-joints are manufactured using statistically controlled processes to ensure high quality. Features like a steel journal cross and precision-ground bearing surfaces guarantee superior quality for
longer life.

For our complete part number listing of Spicer® 10 Series u-joints, visit

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Spicer 10 Series U-Joint

Spicer Extreme™ U-Joints: for Off-Road Use Only

Spicer Extreme U-JointsSuper strong, super durable Spicer Extreme u-joints are meant for off-road use and slower speeds. Featuring an SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel cross with an enlarged trunnion diameter for added strength, these u-joints are virtually indestructible.

For more infomation on Spicer Extreme u-joints, contact your Spicer Performance sales representative.

Driveshaft Series Spicer Part #
1310 (Wheel Joint) 5-760SPX-WJ
1480/SPL55 (Wheel Joint) 5-1480SPX-WJ

Spicer Extreme Exploded with Callouts

Spicer Life Series Performance U-Joint Packs

SPL U-Joint Performance PackSPL performance packs for 4-wheel drive applications have everything for a complete u-joint change-out—with just one part number to order. No matter what you throw at your vehicle, trust non-greaseable SPL u-joints with the multi-lip seal for premium performance.

Spicer Life Series® Driveshaft U-Joint Performance Packs

Application Spicer Part #
2007-11 JK w/ Aftermarket 1310 Driveshafts with CV Front Driveshaft SPL1014JK
2007-11 JK w/ Aftermarket 1350 Driveshafts with CV Front Driveshaft SPL1029JK
2012-18 JK w/ Aftermarket 1310 Driveshafts with CV Front Driveshaft SPL1028JK
2012-18 JK w/ Aftermarket 1350 Driveshafts with CV Front Driveshaft SPL1030JK

Whats the Diff?


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