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Get Superior Rust Protection and a Distinctive Look

To avoid unattractive blemished wheels, I need a wheel joint that does not rust and flake.

The high-durability coating on Spicer® blue-coated performance u-joints ensures a rust-proofing that goes beyond any non-coated u-joint—and it looks great.

We made Spicer® u-joints for Dana axle shafts even tougher by covering them with a high-performance, high-durability blue coating. Test results prove that these coated u-joints stand up to the corrosive effects of the elements better than the competitor’s uncoated product.


Blue Coated Performance U-Joints

Blue Coated U-Joint ProcessTesting Results that are Plain to See

We subjected Spicer blue-coated performance u-joints (SPL® 55-3X equivalent) and a competitor’s product to a 45-hour mud bath. After enduring this simulation of harsh road conditions, there is an unmistakable, visible difference in corrosion protection.

Blue Coated U-Joint After

Spicer’s signature coating process results in a u-joint that can stand up to whatever the trail throws at it.

Spicer Blue-Coated Performance U-Joints

Spicer U-Joint Blue U-Joint Equivalent
5-760X 5-760XC
5-7166X SPL30-7166XC
5-1350X SPL30-1350XC
SPL55-3X SPL55-1480XC
SPL70-3X SPL70-1550XC


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