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Serving Construction, Mining, and Material Handling Industries.

Genuine Spicer Powershift Transmissions are available as replacement parts for a number of off-highway vehicles including construction, mining and material handling vehicles. Engineered with smooth operation and long-term durability in mind, they are the centerpiece to a robust, efficient drivetrain system and deliver simplified handling, improved operator comfort, and reduced noise.

Spicer Powershift Transmission offers simplified handling, improved operator comfort, and reduced noise in off-highway applications.

Spicer Powershift Transmissions are OE transmissions—manufactured the very same high standards and delivering the same performance and reliability.

Spicer Powershift Transmissions offer a number of features that deliver impressive results in your off-highway applications:

  • Helical gears for noise reduction
  • Internal plumbing that eliminates leaks and external damage
  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • 3 configurations and numerous options
  • Conventional Transmission and with Valve-Proportional Control options
  • Manufactured to exacting OE specifications

Powershift Automatic and Dual-Clutch Transmission Parts.


Spicer Powershift Transmissions are available 3 configurations:

T (HR) Model

The T arrangement is an integral transmission and converter assembly mounted directly to the engines. As a single compact package, it minimizes external piping abd eliminates a drive shaft.

MT (MHR) Model

The MT or midship mounting is an integral transmission and converter assembly mounted remote from the engine. This assembly allows for installation flexibility while minimizing external piping.

RT (R) Model

The RT model is a remote-mounted transmission with an engine-mounted converter. This allows for flexibility of the transmission installation.

Click below to find a Spicer parts distributor near you, and see the difference that Powershift Transmission can make for your off-highway vehicles.

Powershift Transmission Series – Conventional

T08 Series

T12000 Series

T20000 Series

24000 Series

32000 Series

TZL 16 Series

36000 Series

T40000 Series

1000 Series

Powershift Transmission Series – With Valve-Proportional Control

TE08 Series

TE10 Series

TE15 Series

TE13/TE17 Series

TE27/TE32 Series

Learn more about the full line of Spicer Powershift Transmissions. Locate the Spicer Off-Highway Service Center nearest you today.