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Press Releases

New Spicer® ReadyShaft™ Next-Day Driveshaft Delivery Program

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated announced today that it has introduced Spicer® ReadyShaft™ to drive vehicle uptime by providing next-day shipment of ready-to-install, premium-quality Spicer driveshafts.

Yoke Ruler Helps Technicians Get the Right Spicer® U-Joint, Right Away

MAUMEE, Ohio – With a Spicer yoke ruler, technicians can quickly and easily measure a driveshaft yoke to determine the series of the driveshaft, which will then help them find the correct Spicer u-joint kit for that series.

The Ultimate Dana™ Kingpin Knuckle Kits Launch at Easter Jeep® Safari

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated launched its new Ultimate Dana™ kingpin knuckle kits in conjunction with the Easter Jeep® Safari in Moab, Utah. Only available from Dana, the kits include all of the top-quality components required to install a kingpin assembly for more robust off-road performance on Jeep® vehicles.

Dana Expands Spicer Life Series® Service-Free U-Joint Portfolio

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated has added new SPL® 140SFX service-free u-joints for medium-duty applications to its complete portfolio of Spicer Life Series® service-free u-joints for commercial vehicles.

Dana Adds Spicer Select™ Center Support Bearings Coverage

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated has announced that new coverage has been added to its Spicer Select light-vehicle center bearings line, including high VIO (vehicles in operations) applications such as the 1999-2007 Chevrolet® Silverado®   trucks, as well as fleet-managed, last-mile delivery applications like the Dodge® and Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter® vans.

Dana Introduces New Spicer® Performance Ball Joint Kits for Jeep® Wrangler® and Gladiator® Models

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated has introduced new Spicer® Performance ball joint kits for the Jeep® Wrangler JK, Wrangler JL, and Gladiator JT.  These first-to-market ball joints are designed with upgraded metal-to-metal construction for added strength and durability.

Dana Introduces XFE Synthetic Gear Lubricant

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated has introduced Spicer® XFE 75W-85 synthetic gear lubricant for commercial vehicles. This new fuel-efficient lubricant provides ultimate protection, performs well in extreme temperatures, and extends the drain interval for medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks up to 500,000 miles.

Ultimate Dana 60® Axles Now Available for Jeep® Gladiator® JT

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Incorporated has announced that Ultimate Dana 60® front and rear axles are now available for the Jeep® Gladiator® JT. Specially engineered to be a direct-fit, bolt-in solution, Ultimate Dana 60 axles are designed to give Jeep owners a performance advantage across even the most brutal terrain.