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Axle Components for Automotive Applications

Genuine Spicer Axle Kits include all the latest production upgrades, so the parts you’re installing are as good—or better—than the parts that originally came with your vehicle.

  • Save Money: Buying components separately can be costly and cumbersome.
  • Save Downtime: Be ready to perform a repair or overhaul as you need it.
  • Save Aggravation: Have all the parts you need—right where you need them.

Spicer® Axle Overhaul Kits

Our most comprehensive kit comes complete with everything you need for a thorough and lasting repair.

  • Highest quality mix of bearings, cups, and cones, each precisely selected for maximum performance in every position and application.
  • Premium oil seals for your best protection against nagging leaks and damaging contamination.
  • All the small parts to do the job right, including sealant, snap rings, gaskets, shims, and more.
  • Production upgrades that keep genuine Spicer parts as good or better than the OE parts they replace.

Spicer® Axle Bearing Kits

Remember—not all bearings are created equal. Choose Dana's Spicer axle bearing kits for just the right repair.

Each kit comes complete with exactly the right combination of parts you need to get your axle back in shape and on the road, including:

  • Highest quality mix of bearings, cups, and cones for performance you can count on
  • Premium oil seals to keep lube in and dust and road grime out
  • Handy RTV compound to seal the repair

Download the information above to learn more. Then look for the Spicer parts dealer near you today.