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The performance, reliability and durability of OE quality.

“With the Last Mile Deliveries market set to skyrocket, how can my shop share in those profits – while dealing with the complexity of global vehicles?”

Spicer Driveshafts for Sprinter vans are designed to be drop-in replacements, eliminating assembly time and meeting global aftermarket driveshaft requirements.

Dana-manufactured 3-piece front and rear Spicer® aftermarket driveshafts for the Mercedes-Benz®/RAM® Promaster Sprinter provide the top performance, reliability and durability of original equipment (OE) products – because Dana is an OE manufacturer.

Upgrade, for less downtime!

Frequently used as work or delivery vehicles, Promaster Sprinter vans tend to accrue high mileage – and a high value to the owner. Downtime costs owners beyond the price of the repair, so getting back on the road quickly with a part that outperforms other aftermarket options is essential.

Spicer driveshafts for 2002-2009 Promaster Sprinter vans are designed, engineered, and manufactured by Dana to serve as a virtually maintenance-free aftermarket solution. These driveshafts offer a top-quality alternative to installing a new part identical to the one that failed. As the global leader in driveline technology, Dana delivers the parts that drive the aftermarket commercial vehicle industry.

    Spicer® driveshaft for the Mercedes-Benz/RAM® Promaster Sprinter features:

    Spicer® Compact™ 2020 universal joints

    • Maintenance-free triple lip seal
    • Serviceable snap ring

    Spicer® center bearings

    • Included with driveshaft
    • Interchangeable with OE components

    Dana proprietary swage tube design

    • Provides ultra-high strength at critical speeds
    • Clearances calibrated to OE standards
    • Perfect fit to vehicle
    Driveshaft for Spinter
    Part Number Product Description
    D-12287-00 Driveshaft
    D-12083-00 Driveshaft
    D-12090-00 Driveshaft
    D-12378-00 Driveshaft

    The highest standards of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

    Fully tested to over 335,000 testing cycles

    • Full torsional testing at high torque and low speed

    Precisely manufactured and assembled on OE production equipment with stringent OE assembly procedures

    • Reduces risk of failure
    • Ensures the highest level of quality control

    Driveshafts are fully interchangeable with OE driveshafts

    • Meet or exceed aftermarket driveshaft requirements

    Rigorous balance testing

    • Controlled high-speed balancing at 3,500 RPM
    • Ensures that maximum durability, safety and performance are maintained long term, and under real-world conditions

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    Sprinter is a registered trademark of Mercedes-Benz.