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Built Strong for the Vehicles You Count On.

“I need reliable CV driveshafts for medium- and heavy-duty applications that deliver higher torque, and that are built to exact original equipment specifications.”

Spicer Life Series® OE-quality commercial vehicle driveshafts offer 70% more power density than the competition, and Spicer® Compact Series driveshafts provide the highest power density driveline solution.

Commercial Driveshaft Assemblies
Get OE quality and the right driveshaft for your commercial vehicle.

Discover the difference that genuine Spicer OE-quality driveshafts can make for your vehicle. Our driveshafts and driveshaft components are engineered to meet the specific needs of medium-duty and heavy-duty applications.

Spicer Driveshaft Product Lines for Commercial Vehicles.

Spicer Life Series® Driveshafts:

  • Includes the SPL 350, the only full-system solution for engine downspeeding
  • Able to handle heavy loads over the long haul, easily and efficiently
  • Enhanced to offer even greater torque, durability and savings
  • Offering 70% more power density than its nearest competitor
  • Providing a 40% increase in bearing life

Spicer Compact Series®:

  • Setting the standard for the global commercial vehicle industry
  • Delivers maximum performance and reliability
  • Offers the highest power density driveline solution
  • Service-free designs are also available

Spicer commercial vehicle driveshafts are built to exact original equipment specifications.

Part Number Product Description
140DS55003-1180M SPL140 Driveshaft
170DS55002C-350M SPL170 Driveshaft
250DS52006C-1000M SPL250 Driveshaft

To learn more about each of these driveshaft assemblies, download the brochure. Then get in touch with a Spicer parts distributor near you, or check out Dana’s streamlined eCommerce platform, to start putting genuine Spicer quality to work for you today.