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The performance, reliability and durability of OE quality.

“With the Last Mile Deliveries market set to skyrocket, how can my shop share in those profits – while dealing with the complexity of global vehicles?”

Spicer Driveshafts for Sprinter vans are designed to be drop-in replacements, eliminating assembly time and meeting global aftermarket driveshaft requirements.

Driveshaft for the SprinterDana-manufactured 3-piece front and rear Spicer® aftermarket driveshafts for the Dodge/Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter provide the performance, reliability and durability of original equipment (OE) products – because Dana is an OE manufacturer.

Spicer driveshafts for 2002-2009 Sprinter vans are designed, engineered, and manufactured by Dana to serve as a virtually maintenance-free alternative to installing a new part that’s identical to the one that failed. As the global leader in driveline technology, Dana delivers the parts that drive the aftermarket commercial vehicle industry.

Upgrade, for less downtime!

Frequently used as work or delivery vehicles, Sprinter vans tend to accrue high mileage – and a high value to the owner. Downtime costs owners beyond the price of the repair, so getting back on the road quickly with quality parts is essential.

These driveshafts are an ideal aftermarket solution for all service shops, and particularly for those with immediate uptime service programs. Since the driveshafts are pre-balanced, they offer a direct product swap without the need for a balancing machine. No complex installation process means a quick turnaround. These benefits become crucial as the home delivery grocery market, and the related “real time commerce” and “last mile delivery” market segments, are poised to surge dramatically.

Spicer® driveshaft for the Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter features:

Part Number Product Description
D-12287-00 Driveshaft
D-12083-00 Driveshaft
D-12090-00 Driveshaft
D-12378-00 Driveshaft

The highest standards of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Fully tested to over 335,000 testing cycles

  • Full torsional testing at high torque and low speed

Precisely manufactured and assembled on OE production equipment with stringent OE assembly procedures

  • Reduces risk of failure
  • Ensures the highest level of quality control

Driveshafts are fully interchangeable with OE driveshafts

  • Meet or exceed aftermarket driveshaft requirements

Rigorous balance testing

  • Controlled high-speed balancing at 3,500 RPM
  • Ensures that maximum durability, safety and performance are maintained long term, and under real-world conditions

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Sprinter is a registered trademark of Mercedes-Benz.